Exodus: More People are Moving Out of Metro Manila

Created at 2017-10-30

Life in Metro Manila is never boring – but it can definitely be a hassle. As the country’s center for commerce, leisure, services, and entertainment, there’s always something to go to, to do, and to see, in the nation’s capital. Top it off with being the main seat of government and it’s easy to see why many choose to live here.

In the recent years, however, many families are moving out of Metro Manila, as the urban area becomes even denser and even more crowded.

Just drive through EDSA and you’ll notice the advertisements on billboards and buses. “Your home in Cavite” seems like a common tagline of real estate ads, with a decrease in posters promoting residential units within CBDs.

Other than escaping the crowdedness, here’s why families are moving out of the city.

Better Residential Options
Residential options in the metro are mostly condominiums, as the lack of space has made developers build upward.

Nothing is wrong with living in a condominium, but there are simply some things that only traditional house and lots in Cavite and Bulacan, for instance, can provide.

Outside Metro Manila, master planned communities are coming to fruition, as well. For example, PROFRIENDS is continuously building and developing Lancaster New City, a master planned community in Imus, Gen. Trias, and Kawit Cavite. The demand for property in the area is still comparatively lower than that of Metro Manila, which also means lower acquisition prices – for now. As communities move outwards and head to the suburbs, prices will surely increase, in years to come

Lower Cost of Living Food, especially meat and vegetables, significantly costs less in areas outside Metro Manila. This is because most are farmed, grown, or produced in locales, which means they’re abundant and suppliers don’t need to pass on the cost of transportation to consumers.

Bearable Traffic and Less Pollution The average Metro Manila commuter understands that “15 minutes away from the CBD” actually means “two hours away from the CBD”. The traffic is unbearable.

Combine that with the inefficiency of the train systems and traffic control management, as well as the suspension of a certain car-hailing app, and the traffic becomes more than just a daily inconvenience.

With life in Metro Manila becoming less convenient and more cumbersome than ever, it’s only natural to build a life elsewhere. Perhaps you can start here at Lancaster New City, a 1,600-hectare master planned community that has everything your family needs within reach.

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