The Lancaster New City Experience Center

Created at 2014-10-16

The Lancaster New City Experience Center

Lancaster New City celebrates its vision of creating a unique township development for the family by launching its first Experience Center last September 27, 2014.

The Lancaster New City Experience Center is an interactive showroom that distinctly illustrates the life of a happy family inside the township development. It demonstrates the expanse of the 1,400 hectare project by allowing its visitors to feel and experience for themselves the different township features through its colorful photo walls, movable modules, and 360 degree software. The township aspects of LIVE LEARN WORK PLAY and WORSHIP are all depicted in fun and informative ways that would make the visitors remember Lancaster New City.

Lancaster New City Wall of Photos

Upon entering the Experience Center, visitors are greeted with a wall of photos that illustrates all the features and activities inside Lancaster New City.

Master Plan

A life-size map that distinguishes each township feature explains the vastness of Lancaster New City’s 1,400 hectare master plan development. The module is also equipped with 360 Software that explains each aspect of LIVE LEARN WORK PLAY and WORSHIP of the project.

St. Edward Integrated School (SEIS)

Education at St. Edward is more than academics. The SEIS module explains the school’s mission to form students that are globally competitive with strong sense of characters. Tablets with SEIS applications are available for the visitors to find out more about the school, its curriculum, and tuition fees.

Leighton Hall and Church of the Holy Family

The module tells the story of the family’s various memorable moments celebrated at the Leighton Hall and Church of the Holy Family. Acknowledging the importance of WORSHIP in any community, the Experience Center constructed a miniature Church of the Holy Structure that highlights its unique architecture.

Downtown Lancaster

The Downtown Lancaster module allows visitors to visualize the 25 hectare commercial-business-retail complex plan inside the development. Its various colorful photos gives a sneak preview of what is to come.


To aid prospects in determining which house model suits their current income, Lancaster New City Experience Center developed the home calculator that reviews its users of the different things to consider before making the big investment. Four tablets with the calculator modules are available.