Complete Your Lancaster Experience with the Lancaster New City Tour!

Created at 2014-06-06

It’s going to be a different viewing experience for the soon-to-be residents of Lancaster New City as PRO-FRIENDS will launch its Lancaster New City Tour. Last April 26, 2014, guests of PRO-FRIENDS were able to experience first-hand what the Lancaster New City lifestyle can be like with the Lancaster New City dry run.

The tour focuses on giving would-be buyers a feel of Lancaster New City’s top-notch amenities and how they provide a complete lifestyle for its residents.

These amenities, because they are so accessible, allow families to experience real family bonding by putting everything they need within reach and allowing them to spend more time with each other.

Participants were given a guided tour of the development, starting from the LNC Transport Hub, which will in the future be the main transportation waypoint of Lancaster New City. From there, they were shown the expanse of the proposed site of Suntech iPark, Cavite’s first BPO hub as well as a planned expansion of Lancaster New City’s commercial center, Lancaster Square. Guests were also toured around Lancaster New City’s development site, which provided them insight into why Lancaster New City is a “one-of-a-kind township development”.

One of the tour’s highlights was a walk-around experience of the St. Edward Integrated School (SEIS). SEIS is a private school currently managed by the Quality Education Design Company (QED). SEIS fulfills PRO-FRIENDS’ promise of transforming lives as it gives its residents access to high-quality educational facilities, a highly competitive curriculum at a cost geared at giving the students’ parents value for money.

Guests were also toured around the landmark Church of the Holy Family as well as Leighton Hall, which is Lancaster New City’s existing clubhouse and recreation area. The Lancaster New City Tour was received very well during its initial April 26 run. The second run was scheduled on May 17, 2014. Official launch for the Lancaster New City Tour will be in June 2014.