Neighborhood Checklist: 3 Things to Look For Before Buying a Home

Created at 2016-10-30

There is no point in buying a beautiful house in a neighborhood that doesn’t meet your expectations, needs, and safety concerns. After all, a home purchase is a huge decision, especially if you value every peso you earn. So, to make sure you spend your savings on a property in a community that best suits you and your family, here are some of the things you should look for:

Nearby Schools
Of course, nearby schools are necessary if you already have children or plan on starting a family, soon. With all the traffic issues these days, you probably don’t want to drive for hours just to drop your kids off at school; neither would you want to subject them to a long daily commute to and from school. Also, even if you have no kids or no plans of having children, you must know that schools around the neighborhood can have a positive impact on your property value in the next several years.

Amenities That Suit Your Lifestyle
The must-have amenities in a community highly depend on your and your family’s hobbies and interests. If you love taking strolls, for instance, you should look for residential areas with parks. A house and lot for sale in Cavite’s “new city” is a good buy if your family likes to go out on Sundays, as there are a lot of nearby malls and restaurants in that area. On the other hand, swimming pools, tennis and basketball courts, and recreational areas are all great amenities, especially if you and your kids are into sports.

Of course, you can’t have every amenity you want in one neighborhood. So, remember to compromise and pick out the area with amenities that are a good match for you and your family’s lifestyle.

Neighborhood Culture Finding your dream home in an ideal neighborhood takes more than just getting information from your realtor or online. Visit your prospect area on a Sunday afternoon, and see how your future community spends the day. Do the families go to the clubhouse for a swim? Are there a lot of videoke parties in the streets? Or, is the neighborhood simply quiet and peaceful on a Sunday? If what you found matches how you want to spend your Sundays, then you’ll likely belong in that community.

As mentioned, buying a home is a crucial decision. So, do your homework and take time to research—because you and your family deserve to live in a community that is well-worth your money. If you want more tips on buying a home, don’t hesitate to contact us, today.