PRO-FRIENDS partners with QED to Develop a Community School System

Created at 2014-06-06

PRO-FRIENDS, thru the St. Edward Integrated School Foundation, partnered with The Quality Education Design Company (QED) in managing the St. Edward Integrated School (SEIS) with the goal of eventually setting up a system of community schools throughout Lancaster New City that will stretch from Imus to Gen. Trias.

PRO-FRIENDS, with the help of QED, envisions empowering the SEIS students to be globally competitive with a strong sense of character. QED, whose mission is to provide quality education at an affordable cost, aims to bring its brand of quality formation to the SEIS studentry. Under the QED system, the SEIS students will be molded into individuals who are highly skilled in math and science, confident in communications, deeply respectful and appreciative of culture and the arts, as well as passionate and pre-disposed towards service and nation-building

PRO-FRIENDS and QED are committed to delivering education that keeps up with the pace of growth in Lancaster. Entering its third academic year, SEIS is a Catholic school that offers the full K-12 curriculum starting 2016. The incoming school year 2014-2015 will see the introduction of Grade 10 which will complete the current high school cycle.

PRO-FRIENDS and QED aspire to create a school system that will be owned by the community, serving as a second home for the children of howeowners to celebrate communal activities from sports to feasts. In the community school model, parents will be encouraged to volunteer their time and expertise in the day-to-day operations of the school, further adding value to their children’s education. Through innovative content delivery such as project-based and team-based action learning, the community school endeavors to create the environment for the 21st century learner to fully realize his potential.

PRO-FRIENDS and QED are one in the commitment in and the belief of the power of education to create communities and transform lives. This partnership hopes not just to further the development of Lancaster New City, but to produce the country’s future dreamers, innovators, athletes, and young leaders.