Residing in a Township Keeps Your Family Happy and Safe

Created at 2018-01-19

Living in the middle of Metro Manila is not always as wonderful as it sounds. While you do get to live close to the country’s entertainment and business hubs, you also must deal with so much chaos.

Aside from its infamous traffic and pollution situation, the Metro is also very crowded. It’s a well-known fact that Metro Manila’s population swells to more than 15 million during the day as employees from the nearby provinces commute to the urban center. In Makati City alone, the latest figures from the local government show that the daytime, weekday population increases from over 500,000 to 3.2-4.2 million.

The high population density, along with other factors, makes living at the center of the Metro unappealing to many families.

This is what we hope to remedy at Lancaster New City Cavite. Improving the quality of life of the Filipino family has always been one of our core principles and our inspiration for designing the Lancaster New City Township.

All Your Conveniences in One Area

We are not, by any means, the only the residential community on the outskirts of Manila. But, we do have the advantage of being a township. This means that the Lancaster New City Cavite property does not only deliver a residential community but also provides schools, commercial-retail-business district complete with supermarkets and restaurants, and a transport system.

Living in a township such as ours is very convenient because you wouldn’t have to venture outside of the property to get your basic needs. If the property has a business district, residents may even find work close to home. Not having to wake up four to five hours before your shift is a luxury that thousands of other Filipinos in the Metro can only dream of.

Enjoy Privacy and Accessibility

Another advantage of living in a township is the privacy it affords. Lancaster New City, in fact, has commercial-retail buildings and schools inside the development that will make every day errands and activities more accessible and secure. At the same time, the township is close enough to the Metro; driving or commuting to and from there is still convenient.

Townships also have dependable security. As real estate developers like us consider these properties as an extension of our respective companies and brands, you can rest assured that we take the security of our residents and businesses seriously.

Benefit from Modern Amenities

Finally, a township offers modern amenities that aren’t always present in exclusive neighborhoods. Since the essence of a township is to offer security, housing, and conveniences in one place, developers make sure to add amenities that will satisfy its residents’ needs. Places for family bonding and food establishments, in particular, are among the amenities available in a township.

At Lancaster New City, families can simply go to The Square if they need to buy groceries, eat out, or get a haircut or massage. They can also go to the Leighton Hall Clubhouse which has an outdoor pool.

Indeed, township living is idyllic, especially for young families. With all conveniences within reach and round-the-clock security, you will soon experience the peace of mind that’s unique in this type of community.

We can help you experience this kind of life, too. Contact us for details.