Lancaster New City Tap N’ Ride Transport System MetroLink Soft Launch

Created at 2015-07-29

Another milestone for Lancaster New City was set in order to provide families living inside the development more time for family bonding! Everyone was very much excited as the SOFT LAUNCH of the Lancaster New City Tap N' Ride Transport System MetroLink Buses was held last July 18, wherein six (6) MetroLink Buses were made ready for the exclusive use of the Lancaster residents and their guests. The MetroLink Buses made use of E-TAP cards and brought resident passengers and their guests from Lancaster New City to Coastal Mall and vice versa.

The day began early as the entire Lancaster New City team set up at the newly dressed-up Transport Hub and waited for passengers to arrive. First-time resident passengers were taught step by step on how to get their single journey E-TAP card, to board the MetroLink Bus and tap their card, to unload at the Coastal Mall, and get back to Lancaster New City via the waiting MetroLink Buses at the Caltex Gas Station near Coastal Mall. During the SOFT LAUNCH, resident passengers and their guests would be using Single Journey Pass E-TAP Cards and as we move forward, reloadable E-TAP cards which also doubles as the residents' homeowner ID would be made available. This way, the exclusive use of the MetroLink Buses and the safety of the residents are ensured.