Top Family-Friendly Activities During Summer

Created at 2017-02-22

Summer is just around the corner and as early as February, some families are already planning for a lineup of activities they can do as soon as the warm breeze hits.

Lancaster New City Cavite presents some of the top activities that families may include in their summer itinerary. Check on the list below!

  • Join fun runs and other health and wellness activities. Fun runs nowadays have become even more family friendly that even the kids can join. This is a good way for family members to bond and get fit at the same time. The kids can also join sport camps so they can use up their energy in a good and healthy way.

  • Swimming. Family outings to beaches or pools are a staple part of summer in the Philippines. Who wouldn’t want to take a refreshing dip in the water to combat the warmth of summer, right?

  • Picnics at the park. For families who want quick and easy summer bonding moments, a simple picnic at the neighborhood’s park is the best. Have everyone prepare their favorite snacks to share, pick a good spot to watch the sunset, and bond with fellow neighbors within the community. It’s simple but fosters good relationships not just within the family but also among neighbors as well.

  • Camping. Summer is the perfect time to set up a tent and go stargazing at the clear skies. The kids can help dad pitch the tent while ate can help mom prepare the food. Camping can be done even just at the home’s backyard.

  • Visit a museum. Museum visits allow the kids to learn the history of the country and to appreciate the value of culture. Contact a good tour guide that can teach everyone the museum’s history in a fun way.

  • Go to a theme park or amusement park. This is not just limited to the typical amusement parks with rides. There are new attractions such as trampoline parks, ninja academy, and ballpit parks where the whole family can get active and have fun.

Watch out as Lancaster New City Cavite opens its gates once again to families who are looking for the next summer destination where they may bond under the sun.

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