Unique Filipino Wedding Traditions and Superstitions

Created at 2017-05-17

Weddings are a much-celebrated event in the Philippines. With the country’s colorful culture, there is definitely a lot of traditions and beliefs surrounding weddings. Read on below to know some of them.

  1. Pamamanhikan is a must after the proposal. The groom-to-be, together with his parents, face the bride-to-be’s parents and formally ask her hand in marriage.

  2. The groom is not allowed to see his wife-to-be while she tries on her wedding dress as it is believed to be bad luck. On the wedding day, the groom is also only allowed to see the bride at the church.

  3. The wedding ceremony itself is filled with symbolisms that are believed to bring a long, happy marriage for the couple.

  4. The lineup of ninongs and ninangs is a must. The godparents chosen by couple to stand witness at the wedding are trusted advisers who will guide them through their marriage.

  5. The traditional outfit of couples during their wedding day is barong (for the men) and baro’t saya (for women). These traditional costumes are still practiced in some provinces of the Philippines and signifies the unique culture of that province.

  6. Sukob is when siblings are married within the same year. This is a major no-no for Filipinos as it is believed that one of the couples who got married will receive bad luck.

  7. Rain during the wedding day is actually a good sign as it is said to symbolize prosperity. Some couples come prepared with umbrellas and tents when they decide to get wed during the rainy season.

  8. Wedding guests should not give the couple any sharp objects as gifts as it is believed to be bad luck.

  9. In some parts of the Philippines, a wedding is not just a one-day event. Some small towns take two to three days to celebrate a couple’s wedding.

  10. Kasalang bayan is still happening in the country. This is when several couples tie the knot in one day. This unique tradition usually aims to help couples get officially married at a Church and become husband and wife.

Last year, Lancaster New City held its first Kasalang Bayan, helping 17 couples who want to get married. This year, another Kasalang Bayan in June 30 is set at the township development to help 10 couples who want to tie the knot and 10 senior citizen couples who want to renew their vows.

The Kasalang Bayan at Lancaster New City on June 30 is now accepting entries from couples who want to join. For more information about the Kasalang Bayan 2017, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/368681936860157 or call/text 0917-537-3934.