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GalingLNC Volunteers in Action

Aug 10, 2019;

The most recent tree-planting activity held in Lancaster New City is a true testament of what thriving community is. Not even the heavy rains deterred the volunteers themselves from shoveling holes and placing tree saplings into the ground. More than 500 trees were planted from more than 100 homeowners-volunteers who shares the same commitment to create a healthy environment not just for their families but for the entire Lancaster community.

Kasalang Bayan

Jun 30, 2019;

Kasalang Bayan, an annual event held in Lancaster New City is back on its 4th year. Twenty couples were chosen to join this year's the event themed A Promise to Keep. Together with their close family members and friends, they were given an afternoon delight of fun and memorable experiences they can keep as they face a new chapter in their family lives.

The Unveiling of Ferrer Bridge in Lancaster New City

May 21, 2019;

Lancaster New City marks another historical milestone as it unveils the Ferrer Bridge. It is the first bridge in the Lancaster New City to cross over a major road, the Governor Ferrer Drive. It connects the developments of two zones inside Lancaster New City.

More Power to Residents of Cavite and Lancaster New City: Meralco and PRO-FRIENDS Inaugurate Substation

May 22, 2019;

Meralco, in partnership with PRO-FRIENDS, recently inaugurated its new substation that will accommodate the electricity requirements of Lancaster New City's close to 65,000 residents and 66 commercial locators as well as the surrounding communities. The state-of-the-art substation, which sits on a 5,400-square meter lot donated by PRO-FRIENDS will provide switching flexibility in case of outages, translating to fewer and shorter power interruptions.

LNC Grounds - Hope now open to serve the Lancaster New City community

May 21, 2019;

LNC GROUNDS HOPE is now open to close to 65,000 residents of Lancaster New City. It’s meant to be a place where homeowners can gather for social, commercial, and community activities. Depending on the area, it can have a clubhouse, a swimming pool, playing courts, retail shops, a bus stop, and open spaces for play.

Christmas Happynings 2018

Dec 25, 2018;

Christmas Happynings is an annual holiday celebration that has become a favorite bonding opportunity for families in Lancaster New City. Close to 30,000 residents gathered at the Central Greens to witness the weekend highlights inclusive of Christmas Tree Lighting, Sine Saya (an open air movie night), and several family-friendly fairground activities.